Scripture: So Misunderstood, its a Sin

Over 30 years ago, as part of the requirement for NT Greek majors at Dallas Theological Seminary and most recently in a NT Ph.D. class, I sat under the teaching of Daniel Wallace, Ph.D. Professor Wallace is well-known in the English speaking world and theological circles, for his Grammar Work on the Greek NT, his books demonstrating the trustworthiness of Scripture as well his involvement in photographing 1000’s of extant, ancient manuscripts of the NT.

His recent blog entry responds to a recent (12/23/.14) Newsweek article that attempts to rattle the faith of Christians with some outlandish claims. He claims that we misunderstand the Scripture so much–as the title suggests–that it is a sin.

I’ve provided the link to his blog for your information. It is vintage Wallace.

Predictable Christmas fare: Newsweek’s Tirade against the Bible

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